Total Sports MN Autographed Jersey Draft!

Sold out

Total Sports MN Autographed Jersey Draft!

Grand Prize: Adam Thielen Professionally Framed Signed Jersey!

How does it work?

Buyers will purchase one or more spots in the draft on our website. After all spots are filled (or it has been 24hrs since the draft went live), a randomizer will be used to assign the draft order to each name.

There will be 10 spots available for this draft and 11 jerseys to choose from. (see photo for possible draft items)

If you receive spot number 1 - you get the first pick and that item will be removed

If you receive spot number 2 - you'd get the second pick... and so on

Each buyer will have 4 hours maximum to make their choice. If they do not in the allotted time, they will be moved to the bottom of the draft.

All draft choices and picks will take place on the Facebook post the draft originated on. 

There are no refunds, exchanges, or promos available for drafts.

Shipping will be FREE for all loose jerseys. Framed jersey shipping price will be split.

All come with a certificate of authenticity & tamper proof sticker

Good luck!

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